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A three day adventure.
Global Grasshopper Gary Nunn

Follow me on my atmospheric journey through Marrakech as I scratch beneath the surface of this rhythmic city. Experiencing a little bit of luxury then trekking into the Atlas Mountains to discover Morocco's awe-inspiring beauty.

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Day 1
Day 3
Day 2
Atlas Mountains  

Arrival in Marrakech

I instantly realised why this country is known for being a travel photographer's dream, from a myriad of warm colours from orange to deep rust and the striking buildings, often made from delicate mosaics, made an eye-catching backdrop...

A Journey to the Atlas Mountains

Waking at sunrise, I started a 200km journey which took us from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Our end destination was the Atlas Mountains. North Africa's greatest mountain range, home to some of the most extraordinary landscapes in Morocco...

A Hammam on the last day

My last day in Marrakech started with experiencing a traditional Hammam. There are two ways to experience a Hammam, the first is with a group of people normally naked and the other is in the privacy of a treatment room. I opted for the latter...

Nightlife in Morocco.

See Agadir by night

Spend a refined evening out with a private driver, soaking up the sparkling waterfront sights, resort-town vibe and night-time atmosphere.

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1001 Nights Moroccan Banquet & Fantasia show

For an entertaining, authentic Arabian night, enjoy a Moroccan feast and live acts housed in a traditional Caidal tent...

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Enjoy a sunset Camel ride

Take a camel ride through the Palm Grove of Marrakech and the surrounding Moroccan countryside, where you can explore traditional villages...

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Experience Nightlife

Adventure in Morocco.

Guided sunset camel trek

Escape the city buzz of Agadir atop a dromedary (Arabian camel), the traditional Berber mode of travel.

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Take on windsurfing lessons

Learn to windsurf under the tutelage of a certified instructor during a guided lesson on beautiful Taghazout Beach...

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A day Trip to Atlas Mountains

Drive out of Marrakech and stop for a panoramic view of Essaouira in Tahannaout...

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Experience Adventure

Relaxation in Morocco.

Visit the beaches of Agadir

Agadir is an absolute gem on Morocco's coastline. With spacious streets, palm-lined boulevards and bright white buildings, it's a city that is designed with the visitor in mind

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Stroll through the Majorelle & Menara gardens

Over 15 exclusive North African bird species can be found in these botanical gardens, and cobalt buildings dot the area...

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An authentic Moroccan Hammam

Revel in a soothing hammam (bath), beautify yourself with essential Moroccan beauty products, including the renowned argan oil, beldi soap and rhassoul...

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Experience Relaxation

Culture in Morocco.

Visit the Old Medina

Make your way to the Old Medina and immediately see why the area is considered among the most well-preserved districts in the Arab world.

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Stroll the Souks & Medinas

Visit historic sites, see colourful souks, be enchanted by snake dances and storytellers...

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Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures

This recently refurbished museum is housed in the former sultan's palace of Dar el-Makhzen...

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Experience Culture

Heritage in Morocco.

Cooking lessons at La Maison Arabe

The legendary restaurant at La Maison Arabe today offers cooking workshops designed for the amateur and professional alike.

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Dine in the Marina at Pure Passion

Mister Karel decided to open a restaurant that uses local produce to prepare a large range of fine food, cooked with passion...

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Cook like a Moroccan with lessons with Chamsi

Meet a local family who love sharing the secrets of their favourite dishes. Join in to help create a delectable meal...

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Experience Heritage

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