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A five day getaway.

From couscous to pastilla, Morocco is a flavoursome country that has dishes that delight all palates. Join me on a 5-day adventure as I explore the cobalt-blue wonderland of Chefchaouen, learn to cook tagine in Tangier and wander the ancient walls of Chellah in Rabat.

Day 1.

Discover the Medina

First day, and my first taste of Morocco: I had great fun getting lost among the alleyways of the Medina in Rabat, between the souks and the colourful passageways. These passageways brought us close to the Kasbah of the Udayas, near the sea and an ancient Roman city. Truly magical!

Day 2.

Couscous and The Hassan Tower

This second day was largely taken up by a cookery class. The famous couscous is no longer a mystery to me! To help us digest the delicious dishes we prepared and sampled, we headed for the Hassan Tower, one of Morocco's most renowned historical monuments.

Day 3.

On the road to Tangier

After a stopover in Asilah, with its medina's resplendent murals, we settled down in Tangier. An added advantage for this place: the view across to the Spanish coast! We also visited the Cave of Hercules. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Day 4.

Chefchaouen, my great love!

Chefchaouen was definitely my favourite part of my stay in Morocco. Everything there is blue: the walls, the stairs, the doors, the roofs of the houses, but also, obviously, the sky! I left feeling delighted, with three pieces of advice up my sleeve to help me make the most of it!

Day 5.

Exhilarating Fes

Fes has the reputation of being Morocco's most dynamic city. And, from what we've seen, it's absolutely true! With its huge medina, markets, craftsmen and welcoming residents, you won't be bored here for even a second. It's also a great spot for a Moroccan shopping spree.

Day 6.

Until next time Morocco!

A change of scenery, encounters with engaging locals, cookery classes, meals with a sea view... I leave here blown away by my few days in Morocco. It is a country that should be seen (at least) once in your lifetime. I, for one, will definitely return!

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